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  • 2020 Thalgo Exception Redensifying Cream Gift Set – $249

    RRP: $280.00

    Valued at $477 Description Targets all signs of ageing in those aged 50+, supporting complete cellular regeneration. The formula is enriched with Native Edelweiss Cells which protect fibroblasts and their mitochondria from oxidants to result in skin that appears brighter, rejuvenated and redefined. Results The complexion becomes more even and unified. Day after day, the…

  • 2020 Thalgo Hyaluronic Cream Gift Pack – $126

    RRP: $140.00

    Valued at $230 Description Targeting established wrinkles and signs of ageing normally seen in your 30's. Hyaluronic Acid microspheres in this range give skin the ability to retain essential moisture to fill and visibly reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Results A rejuvenating force, the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles are diminished. The skin appears…

  • 2020 Thalgo Silicium Marine Gift Pack – $180

    RRP: $200.00

    Valued at $354 Description Targets pronounced wrinkles and loss of firmness and the signs of ageing seen in your 40's. The Marine Silicium Complex recovers volume in the dermis, giving skin the appearance of being lifted with wrinkles and fine lines visibly reduced. Results Rejuvenated and radiant, the appearance of pronounced wrinkles is reduced with…

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    2020 Thalgo Thalgomen Men’s Gift Set – $90

    RRP: $100.00

    Valued at $175.00 Description The Thalgomen Gift Set includes products enriched with active ingredient Vital Blue Algae, which combats cellular stress and fights against the first signs of ageing. Results The skin is revitalised appearing fresher and brighter. How To Use Please refer to individual product listings for more information. Contents Valued at $175.00 this…

  • DermaENERGY Calm The Harm (Niacinamide) 30ml – $54

    RRP: $60.00

    Do you have sensitive skin? Is your skin often red? This energy enhancing serum helps heal red skin. Apply Calm The Harm to a cleansed skin every morning and evening for a happy, healthy complexion. Ideal for all skin types, this soothing serum is especially beneficial for sensitised skins, and should be applied underneath a moisturiser for…

  • DermaENERGY For Brighter Days 30ml – $54

    RRP: $60.00

    How much does your pigmentation bother you? Are you seeking something to brighten your skin and then your day? Apply For Brighter Days to a cleansed skin every morning and evening for a happier, brighter and more even complexion. Ideal for irregular and spot-prone complexions, this brightening and energising serum is especially beneficial for pigmented skin. SCENT:…

  • DermaENERGY Hydrate and Inflate 30ml – $54

    RRP: $60.00

    Do you have dehydrated skin? Does your skin often feel very dry? Abundantly hydrating, Hydrate and Inflate boosts the skin’s ability to collect and retain vital moisture. Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is the ingredient that will keep your skin smooth, soft and healthy. Hydrate and Inflate has been formulated with HA to saturate with hydration, soothe and energise…

  • DermaENERGY Race Against Time (Peptide) 30ml – $72

    RRP: $80.00

    Ideal for all ageing skins wanting to turn back time. The energy enhancing serum, Race Against Time is ideal for those who want to reverse signs of ageing. Don't wait until fine lines and wrinkles become problematic. Treat them now before it's too late! SCENT: Sweet Lime (essential oil) BENEFITS: Stimulates the skin for a…

  • DermaENERGY Refine Over Time (A2 / Retinol) 30ml – $54

    RRP: $60.00

    Do you desire refined, Instagram-ready skin? Does your skin look uneven and lack a glow? The energy enhancing serum Refine Over Time is applied to a cleansed skin every evening (or every second evening for reduced intensity). Prescribed for enhanced clarity and smoothness, this retinol-based serum works hard to refine your skin as you sleep, revealing a fresher, healthier…

  • DermaENERGY Shed The Dead (AHA & BHA Peel) 30ml – $54

    RRP: $60.00

    Shed The Dead is an at-home Peel Mask. It can be used every second or third evening for a softer, more radiant complexion. Suitable for all skin types, this energising AHA and BHA liquid exfoliant removes dead skin cells for an instantly smoother, healthier skin. Best applied to a cleansed skin, at night for up to 10 minutes. Remove…

  • DermaENERGY Solution from Pollution (C3) 30ml – $54

    RRP: $60.00

    Did you know we are surrounded by Invisible pollution that ages our skin! Have you ever thought to protect your skin every day from the pollutive onslaught? The energy enhancing (EE) serum Solution From Pollution is applied to cleansed skin every morning for long-lasting, hard-working complexion protection. This is an antioxidant-rich serum helping scavenge free radicals and…

  • Dermalogica AGE Bright Clearing Serum 30ml – $88

    RRP: $98.00

    Expiry - 02/2021   This active two-in-one serum clears and helps prevent breakouts while reducing visible skin aging. Salicylic Acid reduces breakouts to clear skin. This highly-concentrated serum exfoliates to help prevent breakouts and accelerates cell turnover to reduce signs of skin aging benefits AGE Bright™ Complex works with the skin’s natural microbiome for clearer,…